Design Your Vision Board

Design an inspiring, powerful, purpose-based visual that helps you achieve your life and business intentions faster and with ease.

Course Summary

A vision board accelerates your success so that what you see internally, becomes visible externally faster.

It's a tool that helps you: 

    • DREAM IT. 
    • DESIGN IT. 
    • DO IT.  

But when we´re not clear on what the IT is,  and how yours fits in with a bigger picture, we may be living by default instead of by design.  We flounder around in life, spinning our wheels and feeling overwhelmed. Frustrated because of unfulfilled potential and stymied dreams.

Creating a vision board based on a bigger purpose beyond getting "STUFF"  is powerful. Because an effective visual helps you get clarity, stay focused, and inspired to follow through on your big God-given dreams. You´ll make progress with ease as you apply spiritual and science-backed principles taught in this course.

After taking this 5-Part training, you´ll leave:
  • With clarity on what you want to have, be or do. 
  • With a vision statement that clearly defines the dream.
  • Having chosen the format you like best out of the 3 possible options for a board.
  • With a beautiful visual that makes you happy and supports your intentions.
  • Motivated to take the next step of action because successful dreamers are also doers. 
Because success starts with our beliefs, we have to envision the results internally in order to take external steps of action.
In module One's masterclass, you'll learn 3 simple strategies to release limiting beliefs that may be hindering you from seeing the results you desire.

Do the simple daily action steps and you´ll see how working with a vision board will help you achieve your intentions faster.

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Nancy Gathecha

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